Boyang Captures Taiwan

“I didn’t really have any anticipation. While growing up in China, there was some propaganda about Taiwan and how it is still part of China. For me, it was just another undiscovered destination along the route of my personal trip of discovery.” -Boyang After capturing Japan, photographer Boyang island-hopped southbound to another Asian economic stronghold: Taiwan.…
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Boyang Captures Japan

Last week we met world-traveling photographer Boyang through his signature works from various corners of the planet. Today, we begin to share his photographic studies of specific locations. His words describing this first location:  There was a reason that I picked Tokyo as my first stop on my year-long travel: it is well-organized, clean, and…
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Where In The World Is Boyang? –The Man Who Captured The World

“I was stuck in a 8-5 office job in a factory in the medical device sector,” Boyang said to me. Boyang had been working in the industry for about five years, when he decided to do something crazy. “The idea of giving up one’s income to do something completely contrary to all cultural norms, and with…
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New Year, New Video: Portraits Of Tanzanian Villagers (And How They Reacted To Photography)

Happy New Year! Two-and-a-half years ago, while working at the school in the village of Magulilwa, Tanzania, a few townspeople warmed to the idea of having their picture taken. A couple of weeks later, I handed them their photographs. Now all of the villagers wanted one. Before I knew it, I became the village photographer,…
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Photo Album: The Natural (And Manmade) Beauty Of Ecuador

In 2009 Janice traveled to Ecuador to volunteer at an orphanage.  We covered her arrival in part one. The wild kids were in the 2nd article. Part three below gathers all the Ecuadorian beauty Janice captured during her weeks there. *** Early on, we went bike riding around Itchimbia Hill in the capital Quito. We could see the Old City…
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Faces At The Minnesota State Fair

“The Great Minnesota Get-Together” seems to out-do itself each year in gathering folks from all over the region. I was able to spend my Labor Day here and captured these characters kind enough to pose: The Minnesota State Fair, a people-watching hotspot. Thanks for posing, everyone! Come back next year.

Awe Candy

Sometimes we come across sights that get us to stop and appreciate what we are looking at. We call these eye candy. Then there are views that stop our movement, yet take us someplace new. Alan Taylor at The Atlantic sifted through this year’s submissions to National Geographic’s annual photo contest and came up with…
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