Portraits Of Tanzanian Villagers

I broke through my village’s collective camera resistance shell, becoming their portrait photographer. ***

Tanzanian Hospital; A Toddler’s Life

I met a woman whose niece was bedridden and stricken with malaria. I visited the toddler in the hospital and watched her battle the disease.  ***  

Election In East Africa

My arrival in rural Tanzania coincided with a special election in the region. So I was able to witness campaigning in these parts.  *** Ever since I got to my village in Tanzania, there has been campaign buzz regarding a recently-vacated seat of parliament due to the untimely passing of this area’s representative. The Iringa…
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My Tanzanian Village School

Traveling to East Africa to help start a village school’s computer program, this is my description of this school. *** On Monday morning, January 27, 2014, I woke up in my concrete-wall room at around 7:00. I lifted up the fine mesh mosquito net tucked into my mattress and got up intending to start off…
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Connecting A Minnesotan Father To His Ugandan Sons

Days before leaving for Tanzania, I met a middle-aged Ugandan man. He gave me his sons’ phone numbers to contact when/if I made it to Uganda. I did, and I did. And they showed me their lives in Jinja, Uganda. Click here to read the whole story.