Highway-fine Motivation

When fines and citations are used for general budget purposes, this motivation will inevitably lead to abuses.  My co-worker, Rachel, is a soft-spoken young woman. With straight, light hair and an innocent smile, she’s one of the more non-threatening people you’ll meet. Recently, working a night shift at our restaurant, things were slowing down so…
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Classroom Chaos

A stint teaching in Minneapolis’s north side taught me about how rough it is in these neighborhoods, and how tough it is in these schools. I walked into my classroom at a K-8 public school in north Minneapolis expecting that it might be a little tougher than other places I had taught. Yet this was…
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Romance Scams

Featured in St. Paul Pioneer Press Sunday, March 14, 2010. 

Little Marvel On The Prairie: The Hmong In Minnesota Exemplify The Melting Pot

Little Marvel on the Prairie: The Hmong in Minnesota Exemplify the Melting Pot Minneapolis Star Tribune 12/11/16