My Tanzanian Village School

Traveling to East Africa to help start a village school’s computer program, this is my description of this school.


On Monday morning, January 27, 2014, I woke up in my concrete-wall room at around 7:00. I lifted up the fine mesh mosquito net tucked into my mattress and got up intending to start off my first day teaching at my Tanzania village school with a jog. A bit groggy, I left my room in my exercise gear and was met at the door of the teacher’s compound by Pankas Mgongolwa, the headmaster of the school.

The middle-aged, medium-built man dressed in a loose-fitting, light-grey suit and glasses smiled and offered a “Good Morning, Mr. Brandon!” under the cloudy sky.

“Hello, Mr. Headmaster.” (My pronunciation of his last name still needed work, and I didn’t want to butcher it.)

“I’m just headed out for a jog this morning.”

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