Highway-fine Motivation

When fines and citations are used for general budget purposes, this motivation will inevitably lead to abuses. 

My co-worker, Rachel, is a soft-spoken young woman. With straight, light hair and an innocent smile, she’s one of the more non-threatening people you’ll meet.

Recently, working a night shift at our restaurant, things were slowing down so I asked how her night went waiting tables. Things went fine, she said, but then added a little monkey wrench into the conversation: She’d been pulled over a few nights prior and was hoping to make more money to compensate for the ticket.

I asked her the offense, and she described that a squad car was parked along the shoulder of the freeway. She drove on by, not speeding, seatbelt fastened. But she didn’t move over a lane to the left. She didn’t know it was the law…

This story was featured on MinnPost.com on November 12, 2011.

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