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In January 2014, Brandon published Life Learned Abroad: Lessons on Humanity from China.

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y“…thoroughly engaging, highly detailed and the author  so very insightful. A pure pleasure.”
y-Kirsten Tucker, Ink and Insights 2015

y“His experiences are vast and varied and shows the    country from a variety of  perspectives.”
y-Jordan, Oregon

Life Learned Abroad is a picture-rich book of stories and essays from Brandon’s eleven months in China. Along with his adventures learning martial arts in the mountains of central China, of photographing a protest, or of participating in a feminine dance class, are the themes that accompany these experiences: Eastern vs. Western attitudes, law enforcement and a complicit public, feminine/masculine culture, treatment of the environment, and more.

“…you can really hear the excitement just bursting  from the pages…I was having a blast while I was  reading.”
-Carrie Kreth , Ink and Insights 2015

You can order your copy off of Amazon:

Paperback: $17.99

Multimedia eBook: $6.99 (eBook best read on an internet-enabled device to enjoy color photos as well as links to footage from China to go along with the stories/topics.)

“The writing flows and the reader is pulled along effortlessly…The reader is not given an opportunity to stop reading.”
-Visnja Murgic, Ink and Insights 2015

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