China Book

In January 2014, Brandon published Life Learned Abroad: Lessons on Humanity from China.

“…you can really hear the excitement just bursting  from the pages…I was having a blast while I was reading.”
-Carrie Kreth , Ink and Insights 2015

Life Learned Abroad is a picture-rich book of stories and essays from Brandon’s eleven months in China. Along with his adventures learning martial arts in the mountains of central China, photographing a protest, and participating in a feminine dance class, are the themes that accompany these experiences: Eastern vs. Western attitudes, law enforcement and a complicit public, feminine/masculine culture, treatment of the environment, and more.

“His experiences are vast and varied and shows the country from a variety of  perspectives.”
-Jordan, Oregon

Order your copy on Amazon:

Paperback: $17.99

Multimedia eBook: $6.99 (eBook best read on an internet-enabled device to enjoy color photos as well as links to footage from China to go along with the stories/topics.)

“The writing flows and the reader is pulled along effortlessly…The reader is not given an opportunity to stop reading.”
-Visnja Murgic, Ink and Insights 2015

“Brandon Ferdig’s book, Life Learned Abroad: Lessons on Humanity From China, is a unique work that goes well beyond the normal ‘we’re not in Kansas anymore’ style of travel writing. The insights Ferdig shares from his experiences and observations through China speak to the heart of humanity. He illuminates such institutions as law enforcement and education; social issues such as poverty and wealth distribution, factory labor, and people’s treatment of animals; and such human expressions as femininity and masculinity, sex and romance, and Eastern vs. Western thought. The book is more than an entertaining travel narrative; it is immediately relevant to college-level Asian studies and sociology courses.” -Richard Bohr, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor and Director of Asian Studies, College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University Minnesota

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