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A new angle or insight on an issue, the life of an unsung hero, analysis of how cultures compare/contrast–and what each of these say about us as humans. Much of my writing has been influenced by travel and living abroad. I use multimedia to help my stories come alive.

For my writing, follow my…

Little Marvel on the Prairie: The Hmong in Minnesota exemplify the melting pot

Addressing race and disparity: A search for those doing work that counts

What I Learned About Race Living in Africa” 

…well researched, well-balanced and the information essential for the general public to understand the culture of poverty.

I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to see an article that brings light to this topic in an unbiased way. I really appreciated this article!

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IMG_2393 (1)My presentations are an educational and entertaining blend of my experiences, observations, and the topics they’ve brought to the surface.

“Even if I could say ‘Thank You!’ in all the dialects of China, that would still be an insufficient expression of my gratitude for your thoughtful presentation last evening. It was insightful, gracefully delivered, and highly educational.”
-Dr. Richard Bohr, professor of East Asia Studies, St. John’s University, Minnesota


A village in Tanzania, a factory in China, a marijuana farm in Oregon, a dramatic church service in Tennessee: What did the people and culture of these locations reveal about them as well as about us as humans? These are a few of the scenes and topics I’ve addressed in my talks.

Edina, Minnesota
At the Change it Forward-Tanzania Benefit Dinner in Edina, Minnesota April 2015

The combination of photos, personal experiences, and historical, political facts was very effective in experiencing the people of Tanzania!

My “Voices From the South” speaking tour in November 2016

“…my favorite part was the woman who overcame her childhood and still was optimistic about her life today. It was good to hear someone not blaming her past and using it as an excuse to stay stuck! There are a lot of good people out there who are content with their lives even though they don’t ‘have it all.‘”

Presenting at the “Cuba: From Us to You” event in Minneapolis March 10, 2018
Speaking to students in St. Paul March 2, 2018 about my experiences in China

“Thank you so much for presenting to our World Geography class. As you may have noticed, the students were very engaged and excited. The first hand experiences about living in China that you shared were eye opening and presented in a way that connected to our learners. Your presentation is well organized and filled with fascinating information that leave the students wanting to know more. Students appreciated the new information, and the presentation enhanced the depth of knowledge that learners can draw from.” -Mr. Luke Burris, teacher at Community School of Excellence, St. Paul, MN

With a fan in Brainerd, Minnesota

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“Brandon Ferdig’s book, Life Learned Abroad: Lessons on Humanity From China, is a unique work that goes well beyond the normal ‘we’re not in Kansas anymore’ style of travel writing. The insights Ferdig shares from his experiences and observations through China speak to the heart of humanity. He illuminates such institutions as law enforcement and education; social issues such as poverty and wealth distribution, factory labor, and people’s treatment of animals; and such human expressions as femininity and masculinity, sex and romance, and Eastern vs. Western thought. The book is more than an entertaining travel narrative; it is immediately relevant to college-level Asian studies and sociology courses.” -Richard Bohr, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor and Director of Asian Studies, College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University Minnesota

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