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Ayla Travels The World, Part 9: South Korea

From Beijing to Busan, Ayla went from one Asian city to the next. Same continent, but very distinct settings. Plus, in Busan Ayla excitedly stayed with a fellow Norwegian family! For this reason, Ayla considers her eight days in South Korea as a break from the normal backpacking life she knew throughout the rest of the three…
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Southern Road Trip, Part 3: Interview With An Arkansas “Redneck”

The bright skies and glowing energy of Tulsa were the perfect way to kick-start my introduction–and jumping-off point–to the South. For to go to the “true” South (Oklahoma isn’t The South according to Southerners I’d later meet), I wouldn’t have to go very far south at all. Just a jaunt southeast into Arkansas. I was…
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Ayla Travels The World, Part 8: Beijing And New Friends

After Tanzania, Ayla flew to The East. Beijing. For about a week, she soaked in the usual–and the unusual–of China. The Great Wall? A Temple? You bet. But also scorpions on a stick and a police trolley car.  It’s China. Expect the unexpected.  One more pleasant surprise for Ayla was how many great friends she made–young adults from all…
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Out walking with Caroline and her husband Rashidy. Found these kids playing by the river.  This place is just beyond beautiful! 

Ayla Travels The World, Part 7: Visit To A Tanzanian School

First she traveled parts of Europe, then into the Muslim world in Egypt. Next on her journey Ayla continued south into sub-Saharan Africa. She went to Tanzania, where friends of friends introduced her to a school in a small village in the middle of the country. Ayla’s experiences “roughing it” in the village of Magulilwa…
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Southern Road Trip, Pt 2: The People, Places, (And Pokemon Go) Of Tulsa

Tulsa, Oklahoma: a mid-sized American city for which one likely relies on stereotypes to conceptualize; conceptions of ranches, oil, and cowboys. At least that’s what I had thought upon arrival. What I discovered was a clean, prosperous, (and surprisingly hilly) city that had its mix of neighborhoods–and characters. I’d like to call Tulsa “bright,” if…
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Ayla Travels The World, Part 6: A Christian’s Insights On Muslim Egypt

Ayla’s last stop in Europe on her 3-month global trek was to the Vatican. She was able to enjoy this home base of Christianity just before jumping to another continent–and another religion. On February 11, Ayla arrived to Egypt. In this week’s story she offers photos, another wonderful video, and some words about the culture clash and…
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Southern Road Trip Part 1: Characters, Stereotypes, And A Wedding In Tulsa

Stereotypes.  This is a concept we’re all familiar with. Yet like other important ideas, it deserves re-evaluation from time to time. Take this road trip I’m currently enjoying–the Southern Experience Tour–a drive down to and through the South and Appalachian regions of our country. Immediately after leaving the borders of my own state, before even getting…
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Ayla Travels The World, Part 5: Video Of The Vatican

Two weeks into Ayla’s 3-month trek across the globe, the Norwegian was now going to leave her home continent. After Italy and Malta, it was time to see Africa for the first time–starting with Egypt.  But wait… Ayla had a flight itinerary hiccup that took her to Rome (and enough time to see the Vatican.)…
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My Tour Of The Southern U.S. Begins Friday

It’s happening, ya’ll. On Friday I leave for a two-week road trip through the American South and Appalachia. I already know what you’re asking, and the answers are: because I’ve never been to these places and the culture is unique to my own. Thus, I’ve got a lot to learn about the people and life…
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Ayla Travels The World, Part 4: Old (And New) Friends In Malta

On January 28 of this year, Norwegian Ayla Vinje Fagerland left home to see the world. For our first couple of articles, we got to experience with Italy with Ayla.  Today, we get a new destination.   And while last week we saw Ayla overcome traveling alone, this week things are all good in Malta.…
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