Southern Road Trip Part 1: Characters, Stereotypes, And A Wedding In Tulsa

Stereotypes.  This is a concept we’re all familiar with. Yet like other important ideas, it deserves re-evaluation from time to time. Take this road trip I’m currently enjoying–the Southern Experience Tour–a drive down to and through the South and Appalachian regions of our country. Immediately after leaving the borders of my own state, before even getting…
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Ayla Travels The World, Part 5: Video Of The Vatican

Two weeks into Ayla’s 3-month trek across the globe, the Norwegian was now going to leave her home continent. After Italy and Malta, it was time to see Africa for the first time–starting with Egypt.  But wait… Ayla had a flight itinerary hiccup that took her to Rome (and enough time to see the Vatican.)…
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Map Southern Summer Road Trip 2016

My Tour Of The Southern U.S. Begins Friday

It’s happening, ya’ll. On Friday I leave for a two-week road trip through the American South and Appalachia. I already know what you’re asking, and the answers are: because I’ve never been to these places and the culture is unique to my own. Thus, I’ve got a lot to learn about the people and life…
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Ayla Travels The World, Part 4: Old (And New) Friends In Malta

On January 28 of this year, Norwegian Ayla Vinje Fagerland left home to see the world. For our first couple of articles, we got to experience with Italy with Ayla.  Today, we get a new destination.   And while last week we saw Ayla overcome traveling alone, this week things are all good in Malta.…
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Pokémon Go And Racial Integration

At 1:00am, a 19-year-old was walking through his neighborhood park, when suddenly, a figure in the darkness came from out of nowhere and approached. Concern about this stranger’s intentions was lowered when he asked the young man, “Are you looking for scyther?” It all kinda sounds like a drug deal. But it was actually two…
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Pokemon Go Bringing Strangers Together–outside My School

I was leaving work yesterday, and two coworkers were chilling outside on the steps of the nearby church. Both young guys were on their phones. Nothing new there. But as I approached, I heard them talking about the game they were both playing. Some Pokemon game that is GPS integrated, they explained. So as you…
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Ayla Travels The World, Part 3: A Woman Alone In Italy

Last week, Norwegian Ayla Vinje Fagerland traveled Italy with her mom.  This was the first destination on her three-month, four-continent world excursion. It was also the only destination she’d have with her mother by her side. Ayla’s solitude started off rocky.  In Italy by herself for a few more days, Ayla had to fend off the aggressive guys…
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Ayla Travels The World, Part 2: Naples With Mom

From January to May of this year, Norwegian Ayla Vinje Fagerland traveled the globe, reaching nine countries over four continents. Last week, Ayla previewed her entire trip and then shared the story of her departure and arrival to the first country on her agenda: Italy. For most of her trip, Ayla traveled alone. But she started…
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Ayla Travels The World, Part 1: Departure From Norway To Italy

On January 28, Norwegian Ayla Vinje Fagerland set off on a three-month worldwide travel taking her to nine countries on four continents. When Europeans travel, they don’t mess around. And they start young. Ayla was only 19 when she began. Perhaps for this reason, her mom accompanied her to the first country on the tour. (Or maybe…
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For Father’s Day: Photos Of Fatherhood Around The World

In May we looked at mothers. Now we look at the other side of the coin, the yang to the yin, the rock to the water. The world seems a series of dichotomous complements, and now on Father’s Day we look at the other half of the greatest pairing of all.  As evident in the photos and from…
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