Carving Out A Life: Greg’s Lake-Map Coffee Tables

Meet Greg:

Greg is an artist (and my cousin) working out of his home studio in Bloomington, Minnesota.

An example of traditionalism-meets-hi-tech, Greg blends woodworking with computers to create these 3D scale models of area lakes. They can then be hung on a wall or used for a glass-plated coffee table.

Before advancing to these lake art projects, Greg had been making (and still makes) cribbage boards with his smaller drill/carving machine (called a CNC machine). Then, after a couple of years of small projects, Greg went with his ambition and foresight (and risk-taking). He backed his vehicle out of the garage to make way for a vehicle-sized, solid-metal piece of machinery capable of cutting these lake tables (or other similarly-sized projects).

I wrote a couple of weeks back that in addition to originality, it takes courage to create art–whether anxiously staring down a blank canvas, a blank computer screen, or, in Greg’s case, an un-carved piece of wood. Well, the same is required to carve out an independent career when staring at a world void of your potential contribution.

And Greg, like so many other art-entrepreneurs, are tasked to carve out both of these at the same time.

Keep carving, Greg!

-Say, let’s stick with the carving theme, shall we?

How about the Colorado River and how it has carved the Grand Canyon over millennia?

What’s that, Greg? Oh, really?

Well, well. Looks like Greg carved the Grand Canyon himself:

If interested in learning more about Greg’s work, you can reach him at

And until next time, I wish you productive days carving out a life of your own.


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