Event Video – “Cuba: From Us To You”

On the night of March 10, myself and a team of Cuba enthusiasts threw an event in Minneapolis to share Cuba with the Midwest.

“Cuba: From Us to You” featured a multimedia presentation, dance performance, and cigar smoking socializing afterwards.

Yesterday I published the video of this event–the best of the presentation, performance, and audience participation. In all, I tried to make a fun and insightful video showcasing the important lessons learned from Cuba’s story and Cuba’s culture. Thank you to the team who helped put this on.

Enjoy the lessons learned this night by clicking on this image:


Would you like me to present to your group (library, school, club, etc.)? I give multimedia talks about my journeys and lessons (in Cuba, China, East Africa, SE Asia, North America, or any combination thereof) as well as on social issues facing the U.S. For more info, email brandon@theperiphery.com.  

What say you?