I’m Joining A New Social Network That Pays You For Your Content

I just wrote my introductory post on a social network many of you have probably never heard of: Steemit.com.

It isn’t as pretty and popular as Facebook or Reddit–yet–and there is a learning curve. But Steemit is starting to blow up as the leader of social sites that give users their due when contributing content. What is our due? Well, look the red circle in this image from my introductory article.

Steemit pays users for their content–even comments.

It is a decentralized social network. So there is no company, no stocks, and no ownership of your information to sell. And as the open-source community who designs Steemit continues to improve the look and feel, I believe this may be the next step in social networking–particularly for content creators, first with written and photo media and then with video on their decentralized video platform DTube (https://d.tube/)

If you have any questions, ask in the comments. This will not take away from my posts on The Periphery. So stay tuned here for more articles/videos. In fact, tomorrow I’m interviewing a man about to embark on a sailing race around the world!


What say you?