My Travel To Cuba: Beach By Classic Car, Waterfall By Horseback

My trip to Cuba was about discovering the culture and society of this island. But I also squeezed in some fun along the way. Today I’ll squeeze in two such outings in one article. After all, they’re both water related–probably not surprising on an island.

After taking in the south coast city of Trinidad on Day One, it was time to head to the beach on Day Two.


This wasn’t just a hop, skip, and leap. It required a good 20 minute cab ride. And in Cuba, this means a tour of the area by way of a classic car.

The beach itself? It was as beautiful as you’d imagine in the Caribbean.

Swimming, sand castles, sea shells…and then some Cuban cuisine.

Under the shade of a gazebo, we enjoyed this meal before heading back.


For Day Three in Trinidad we went from old school car to old school transportation: horseback. Our destination: a waterfall in the hills outside town.

As seen in the video, the destination was populated with several other tourists–many from Italy it so happened. I joined them by jumping into the cold, crisp water, a contrast to the warmer, much saltier water from the day before.

Next time, we take a catamaran ride out to Iguana Island, so called for reasons that will be obvious…


Before I leave you, though, I’ll share one more time this video below I first published last week. As I said at the top, my focus in Cuba was on the people. The evening we returned from the beach, I was picked up by local guide William, who showed me the historic as well as the present-day poverty of Trinidad. We had a revealing discussion about how everyday Cubans get by:

What say you?