Our Detours Don’t Define Us

I heard this quote at a presentation I attended Saturday. I’ll talk more about this in a second. First, I want to say thanks for the responses to my message last week about the lessons I learned at a 72-hr spiritual (silent) retreat. Turns out, some of you have been on similar retreats and echoed your thoughts.

Geeta wrote:

Namaste Brandon. I am glad you enjoyed the spiritual journey. This tradition of silence is common in Hinduism and Jainism. It is very powerful. I try to practice 12 waking hours of silence once a week.

Jerald offered in response:

I agree about the “God whispers” comment. When he talks to me, it’s always in a quiet place. He never shouts. And it’s always truth.

I worked all last week to stay grounded and connected with that deep part of my being I touched over the retreat. But alas. Monday I was on cloud nine. By Saturday I was wondering where that level of serenity had gone. Haha. That’s the challenge of living in the “real world”, I guess. We can’t all be monks.

That said, it was frustrating to feel that connection weaken and seeing myself (ab)using technology to kill time. Recalling that recent glimpse into this deeper, realer me, I regarded it as a tease–a place unable for me to enjoy in my usual life. But the optimist in me–inspired by the quote above–sees the retreat experience as a revelation of what’s possible and true. My return to my habits isn’t a definition of Brandon, but a detour or just a part of the journey. And now I have this precious glimpse to inspire my participation in life and to fuel my pursuit to becoming a better person.

*Replace these words to fit your situation. For example: “Showing up late for work isn’t a statement of who I am. It’s a detour to becoming the employee I want to be.” Or “Yelling at my children isn’t a statement of who I am. It’s a detour to becoming the parent I want to be.”


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What say you?