*New Video* The “Arkansas Redneck” Reacts To Me Giving Him $570

As I shared last week, my trip to Arkansas earlier this month was a success. There, I surprised Bill Jones with $570 cash raised from viewers who wanted to give this man–who starred in my most-popular YouTube video–some Christmas cheer.

We succeeded in doing so.

And while at it, I followed up with Bill about his life–his dogs, his work, and…his lady friend, who was heard but not seen in the first video but comes out and shares about her and Bill’s relationship in this one.

It was a successful trip (and video) on many fronts. And it was inspired by viewers whose generous hearts reached out to Bill. Thank you for this uplifting deed and for making this return trip to rural Arkansas possible.

Merry Christmas to all of you, and Merry Christmas to Bill Jones. Here’s my gift to you: the video of a special delivery to Bill.


Subscribe to my YouTube channel and stay tuned here (or on my Facebook) for upcoming posts about my next journey. On Wednesday I leave for Cuba. And I leave with more donations from viewers/readers.

One anonymous contributor had sets of colored pencils sent to me. Another supporter, my friend Owen, got his employer to match his generosity and provided many supplies.

This time I have school supplies–notebooks, pens, pencils and colored pencils–for students I’ll visit in Cuba. I’ll capture all I can of this delivery as well and share the results with you upon my return in mid-January. Also while there, I’ll capture many other aspects of life on this island (and bubble) of a country. I have a feeling Cuba will offer some surprises and profound insights into their way of life…as well as ours.

See you soon.

What say you?