I’m Heading Back To Arkansas…With $500 For Bill “Redneck” Jones

By far, my all-time, most-popular YouTube video is my interview with Bill Jones, the “Arkansas Redneck.”

Something about him got people’s attention–usually for good reasons.

Yeah, some people badmouthed him after watching the video:

hollywoodfastlife916  hollywoodfastlife916  5 months ago
This is just a poor, dirty man. That’s it.


But most appreciated his genuine nature, and some even saw eye-to-eye with this Southern man of humble means:

Bailey Bradley  Bailey Bradley  6 months ago
True American right there folks. He don’t mean no harm. He just lives happily.

Nursemommy4  Nursemommy4  3 months ago
I moved from Michigan to Arkansas and it was the best move I made. I was pleasantly surprised by the people, in an unexpected and great way. I go to the Ozark Mountains frequently and have not once encountered hostility. Just as black people are stereotyped, so too are the kind of people this man represents.


And then sprinkled in with these comments was the occasional call for support.

MikeDest  MikeDest  7 months ago
I would have gave him $20


After reading a few of these kinds of comments over the months, I decided to follow their suggestion. Three weeks ago I began an online fundraiser to help Bill turn his lights back on. After a few donations from friends and several from people watching the YouTube video, we’ve now raised $520. The funny part? I said that I would deliver the money personally if we raised $500.

So guess what I’m doing next weekend? Yep, making Bill Jones’s Christmas a little bit merrier.

But though we hit the $500, there’s no reason we have to stop there. (Plus, I could use some gas money.) So I’m offering the chance to participate. If you’d like to chip in online, click here: https://www.gofundme.com/turn-on-the-lights-for-bill-jones

Mostly, though, I just want to share how tickled I am that I can be of service in this way; how by following my curiosities, interacting with a stranger, and then following the directions of viewers, I now have this little adventure before me. And if all goes well, this adventure will make someone’s day.

My hope? That I can get on video Bill’s reaction to his $500.

Stay tuned.


What say you?