To Cuba This Winter!

Over the years, I haven’t just chosen my travels. They’ve also chosen me. My upcoming trip this winter is no exception.

It was an ordinary day for me the middle of last week, working on who-knows-what from my work desk, when a message from a friend popped up on my computer screen. Hanna was reaching out to friends about a group tour she organizes each year. She asked me directly if I was interested in going to Cuba.

My first reaction: Intriguing…but it wouldn’t work.

But within seconds, I was challenging that assumption. I soon began an online chat with Hanna about the details of this trip. Each answer she provided nudged me closer to accepting. A couple of days later, schedules, finances, and flights started to fall into place.

Sunday morning I booked my ticket.

I’ll be leaving the day after Christmas, staying over the New Year with Hanna’s small tour group in & around an old city called Trinidad.

Trinidad, Cuba founded in 1514

Then after the tour ends, I’ll spend another week with people, at places, and having experiences yet unknown. Take me where you will, Cuba.

In all, I anticipate two weeks of cultural immersion: food, language, music, pastimes; natural showcases such as beaches, hills, and tropical forests; and Cuban society: jobs, living conditions, media, government presence.

This whole other world promises to reveal a new angle on life. Whether you find Cuba good, bad, or are indifferent, the point is that by seeing how they live their lives, we’ll learn how better to live ours. (And fitting for the Thanksgiving holiday, when we see a poorer nation’s people, we also get to realize gratitude for all we have.)

I’m excited to be leaving in just over a month–and to take you with me. Look for details about this trip as the departure nears. And look for stories and videos about my two weeks in Cuba soon after my return to Minnesota. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions, comments, or questions about this travel, please comment below or write to me at

What say you?