Presentation In Minneapolis, Next Up: Bemidji And Duluth

For those in the Twin Cities, this is a look back at my kick-off event and a thank you for your attendance.

For those in other communities of the upper Midwest, this is a look ahead to presentations in your cities.


On the evening of Tuesday the 19th, I held the opening event of the Voices of the Pacific Northwest speaking tour. I presented in the banquet room of the Black Forest Inn restaurant in Minneapolis. Friends and folks arrived at 7:00 to learn about the characters with whom I conversed and the lessons I learned from my recent three-week journey through the Pacific Northwest.

I presented four main “Voices,” including those from the populous homeless communities across this region, the small-scale farmers that dot the Pacific coast, and some perspectives from an area college. In addition to the featured individuals were the takeaways from each of these “Voices,” including such lessons as 1. how farmers on the Oregon coast compare/contrast to those I know in the Midwest:

and 2. what my interactions at a liberal college taught me about stereotypes:

The two surprising interviews I had at a famously liberal college

This review of my presentation Tuesday evening is also a preview of events to come. Right now I have two more scheduled:

At the Bemidji Public Library, Saturday, Oct. 7:

For Bemidji-area residents on Facebook, RSVP for the event here.

And I’ll be in Duluth the evening of Thursday, Oct. 12 (though location and time are still being ironed out).

For those in other cities across the region, I’m working getting events set up in more communities. In fact, if you can help in organizing my arrival to your city, email me at

And finally, so anyone can watch, I’m working on a video of these presentations to be released later in the fall.

Thank you to those who came out to my Minneapolis event. I look forward to meeting those able to attend upcoming dates.

What say you?