A Donald Trump Sweater And Today’s Parents Are Too Soft: VPNW #3

When arriving to Portland in July to interview its people, tragedy had recently struck.

A month earlier, a man stabbed three other men on a commuter train, killing two of them. He did so, because these men got between him and two women he had been insulting for being Muslim.

It made national news, and the community banded together to express sorrow for the loss of these men. When looking for voices of this city, I got off at the train stop where the memorial to these men sits.

There, I met Shanna, who opened up to me about the incident and the community’s reactions, about Portland’s reaction to other triggering events (Trump’s election), about her gag gift Trump sweater that she dares not wear, and about how parents today need to stop being their kids’ friend.

An admitted political independent, Shanna offered a level-headed addition to the Voices of the Pacific Northwest (VPNW).

Enjoy this third conversation in the series:

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