Why I Made My Video About The Confederate Flag

One thing I learned traveling the South and interviewing Southerners about the Confederate flag, is that they have a deep respect for their region, their history, their culture. Thus, they feel a duty to acknowledge the thousands who fought and died gruesomely for this cause, for something bigger than themselves.

Leaders on both sides of the Civil War respected each other. It’s why when the South surrendered, General Grant (from the North) was as sorry for General Lee (from the South) as Lee was for his men who died for a losing cause.

Since then, survivors and descendants have wanted to show respect for the fight their soldiers put up. They want their deaths to matter. They want to retain dignity. This is why Confederate monuments dot the South. This is why (I assume) this man in the video is saluting this monument.

But today it’s hard to separate this sentiment from the obvious moral pitfall and key aspect of the Civil War: slavery. This is especially true when racist groups today use the Confederate flag. And this is especially, especially true in the wake of a chaotic, bloody weekend. Thus, we have those in the video screaming obscenities at this man.

It’s all an enormous misunderstanding. The man probably thinks he’s being terrorized for doing something noble. The protesters are incensed that this traitor could honor enslavement.

It’s why I made my video about the Confederate Flag–to help both sides see where the other is coming from, to help put an end to this unnecessary chaos.

What say you?