People Of The Pacific Northwest: My New Travel Project Beginning Next Weekend

A marijuana farmer, a commune of families, a rancher, a baker: These are just some of the interactions on the docket for my upcoming journey.

Yet if this summer’s American exploration is anything like mine last summer, then the ones not scheduled will be just as noteworthy. Many unknowns lie ahead as I embark next weekend for a 17-day travel through the Pacific Northwest. I do anticipate, however, a cultural experience altogether different from last summer’s tour of the American South. Then, I was exposed to living-off-the-land conservatives–among many others. This time, I’ll meet some living-0ff-the-land Progressives–among many others.

Here’s what I’ve got planned thus far…

I hit the road this upcoming weekend headed for Portland, Oregon. Armed with cameras and microphones, I’ll capture the people and scenery along the way. There’ll be a lot to capture in North Dakota, Montana, and Idaho.

Once I get to Oregon, then I really dig in…

Here, I’ll inquire with the commune families in Eugene:

I’ll be joining the families at the Oregon Country Fair (pictured), itself an example of the local way of life.

Further south is the pot farmer near Medford:

Mike, the weed farmer, already sent me a couple of photos of his crop.

Then I’ll creep back north along the coast, to the beach community of Manzanita:

Down on the Manzanita shore

Then comes Washington.

I plan to head up to Olympic National Park to take in the woodsy lifestyle of this northwest-most corner of the continental US. The island communities around the Seattle area are also on my target.

Vashon Island near Seattle

Lastly, I’ll skip the country. The Pacific Northwest includes Canada, too.

From Seattle to Vancouver
Vancouver, British Columbia

Yes, I know. I have a lot of gaps to fill, especially in Washington and Vancouver. No problem. (Well, actually, there will be a problem: too much to do in the days I have.) The way I see it–and the way I travel–these openings in my itinerary are openings for Life to direct me where to go.

My schedule in Oregon will offer a handy kick start, seeing me off to explore and experience the places and people of this entire region. In turn, and as I did last summer, I’ll share these people–their thoughts, beliefs, and ways of life–with you in word, photo, and video.

Stay tuned. I’ll check back in next weekend.


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  1. Leila l habashi

    I’m interested in the type of culture and life in Manzanita. How exciting, I’ll be looking forward to learning about that part of the country. I have a feeling it’ll be as different as new Orleans or Santa Fe is.

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