Larry And Will Go To New Zealand!

Our old friends Larry and Will–the West Virginian Mountain Men–are back on the road in this week’s article.

The first time we followed this traveling tandem, they took us to a rarely-visited destination: Antarctica. This time, they head south once more–as well as across hemispheres–to the equally intriguing New Zealand. 

Today they reveal their discoveries from their February 2010 journey, starting with North Island … 

Appropriate vantage point of New Zealand given their previous trip to Antarctica


Northland, New Zealand

East Cape, New Zealand

Inside, Larry and Will learned all about New Zealand’s history starting with the people here before the Europeans.

After touring Wellington, it was time to jump aboard and cross over to South Island.

South Island is where we’ll pick up next time…


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  1. Grey Fotona

    I had to fight with a tough decision, let go of NZ and move back to Minnesota, or leave the family and my love of the US behind and stay in beautiful, warm, gracious New Zealand. Minnesota ultimately won but it was a tough and mean battle!

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