My Interview On, A Great Resource For Teaching Abroad

I’m guessing most of you have considered (or have) traveled abroad. I’m also guessing many of you (or someone you know) has considered (or has) lived abroad.

The prospect of doing so can be fraught with excitement and concern. How can I leave my family, friends, and home? Will it be uncomfortable living in an unfamiliar place? How will I make it work financially? How will I make a living in this new country? 

Quincy Smith

Aha. Here’s where teaching English comes in–and this is where comes in.

A couple of months back, Quincy Smith–an Atlanta native currently living in China–contributed a story to The Periphery about his experiences teaching and traveling in China. In it, I asked Quincy how others could do the same. He answered this, in part, by introducing his website

Seeing the need for one-stop resource for all things teaching ESL (English as a Second Language), he created a website to answer questions about how to teach abroad and where to find a job.

But Quincy had a question he wanted someone else to answer: What will I do when I return home? 

Quincy wondered this when seeing fellow English teachers worry about their upcoming transition back to their home countries. So he asked about this issue to the guest of his latest interview on his website.

His guest: Me.

In addition to browsing the various resources on, enjoy our discussion about how to leverage your experience abroad:

Finding Work After Teaching: Advice from a Former ESL Teacher in China


If you have any questions or thoughts of your own about teaching abroad, please comment below. And if you’d like to share your story on The Periphery, please email me at We’d love to hear all about your insights and adventures.

What say you?