Video: Spring Walleyes In A Creek In Northern Minnesota

The moist, form-fitting earth around footsteps in the forest, the budding green grass below and buds above, and the trickle of now-melted streams bringing nourishment to the land…

Particularly for a city-dweller like myself, immersion into nature awakens a piece of me. And naturally, no time of year is as enlivening as the springtime.

This past weekend, I enjoyed a jaunt into the country with family: four-wheeling, bocce ball, a campfire, and watching the walleye swimming upstream for their annual spawn:

I like to think my exposures to Mother Nature awaken that piece of me connected to our ancestral past, when we were as one with nature as those walleyes in the creek. Then one day human minds began to invent and develop our way out of nature’s grasp. And now many live a life largely blocked from this past and foundation.

Though brief, it was a pleasure to reengage with this scenery and wildlife. It’s grounding to reconnect with it.

What say you?