My Youtube Channel Is Going Bananas: The Top 3 Videos

Turns out people dig the open, honest interview with a real person.

My trip last summer through the Southern U.S. offered no shortage of such people. And whenever I could, I turned on my camera and got to know them: a self-proclaimed redneck, a woman who grew up poor and black in Chattanooga, a woman stung by the social ills of drugs and poverty in West Virginia. What are their lives like? How do they see the world? 

These interviews and others have caught on, and The Periphery Youtube channel has garnered over 450,000 views — mostly in the last six weeks. Here’s a list of the three most-viewed videos from the channel:

#3: My first mini-viral video was actually from my time at a school in Tanzania in 2014: 12,648 views

#2: A West Virginia woman opens her heart up about the problem of her life–and of her region of the country: 82,911 views

#1: My first truly viral video – Bill Jones’s property caught my eye. Then his realness captured YouTube’s attention: 334,947 views


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