A Pristine Cabin In The Hills Of West Virginia–And How You Can Stay There For Free

On my Summer 2016 Southern and Appalachia road trip, I used the travel community, Couchsurfing, to arrange several stops along the way. No place was as impressive as Larry and Will’s in the hills of West Virginia.

Three weeks ago, I shared their story. Today’s video is about their peaceful, hilltop, rural escape featuring a pristine cabin for guests–and how you can stay there for free.

Through Couchsurfing, Larry and Will host travelers. Click here to join this network of social explorers looking to make connections and enjoy authentic experiences when on the road. Then when joined, connect with Larry living outside Charleston, West Virginia. (And feel free to find and friend me white you’re at it.)

Finally, either there or via email (brandon@theperiphery.com) or in the comments below, let me know if you’d like to host me and/or be interviewed if I make it out to your part of the country or world.


Enjoy today’s video of my dirt road journey to Larry and Will’s place, them offering me a tour, and then information on how you can stay at this jewel in Appalachia.

What say you?