Larry And Will Go To Antarctica, Part 1

There are the New Yorks, Hawaiis, and Frances of the world–places that jump into mind when you think “vacation.”

And then there are places tucked away into the corners of the globe, overlooked beauties of authentic culture and untouched landscapes and wildlife.

Last month, Larry and Will–whose life in the hills of West Virginia we learned about last week in my latest interview from the South–returned from such a vacation as idyllic as it was unorthodox. They flew to the southern-most tip of South America, to a cozy, historic, seaside community of incredible natural beauty. From there, they island-hopped to the most overlooked place of them all, an entire continent imagined as a wasteland, but full of wonder and life.


Today we cover Larry and Will’s first two stops: Ushuaia, Argentina and the Falkland Islands.

The two top-left markers

Here is Part 1 of this 2-part travelogue told by the captioned photography of Larry and Will.


First was the 10-hour flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital. Then came the flight down to Ushuaia:

Once landed and settled, Larry and Will were greeted by old friends:

They explored the city before setting off for the first island on their cold cruise:

Before long, the Falkland Island wildlife was on full display:

Larry and Will also enjoyed the human aspect:

This included a look at its past:

The Falkland Islands are a unique blend of maritime history and South Atlantic natural wonder:

Next week, we see the other two stops on Will and Larry’s tour: the South Georgia Islands and their fur seals and king penguins, and then down to Antarctica!


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