The Actualization Of Humanity Allows Us To Experience More In Life

A recipient of my Sunday email to readers sent me a photo of her small town in England.

Bolton, England

I had asked recipients to send in a photo of their “habitat” to show all the readers what life looks like around the world–from the frozen fresh lakes here in Minnesota, to the salty Pacific of San Francisco; from the high-rises in Hong Kong, to the two-story apartments in Bolton, England.

With these diverse habitats, of course, come diverse people–not just ethnically, but age, personalities, professions, senses of humor, artistic preferences, etc. One of the recipients of my emails is a young guy in a heavy metal band; another is a retired judge. It makes the name The Periphery appropriate, as highlighting my readers brings within our line of sight that which probably had been outside our scope. And it tells me that what this website is about–the stories of people, places, & ideas–is a universal passion to those curious about the world and their fellows.

There’s much to be curious about.

Compare humans to other animal species–chimps, raccoons, killer whales, anacondas, kangaroos, whatever. Notice how there is relatively little variety between members of other species when compared to the variation within humans:

If aliens are observing Earth, I’m sure they are astounded when learning that all this variation is contained within the human species. All this variety in all directions is like elongations in the spokes of the wheel of humanity–a spoke for the reach of modern athletic ability, for intelligence, careers skills, personality types, and all other manners of actualization. And the bigger the wheel, the more ground it covers, the more we get to enjoy the fruits of others’ efforts, the more we get to experience in our lifetimes.

We’re lucky to live when we do, not just because of our material goods but because the wealth and development of the modern world has allowed humans to specialize and become their best, most actualized selves. Enjoy the variety of people in your life–the wise man, the wise cracker, the blue collar worker, the pantsuit-wearer, the artsy hippie, the buttoned-up traditionalist, the spices of life.


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