Where In The World Is Boyang? –The Man Who Captured The World

“I was stuck in a 8-5 office job in a factory in the medical device sector,” Boyang said to me.

Boyang had been working in the industry for about five years, when he decided to do something crazy.

“The idea of giving up one’s income to do something completely contrary to all cultural norms, and with no plans afterwards was (and still is to a degree) horrifyingly paralyzing,” he said. “That is, until I met others on my short work trips who had done exactly that. They had found ways–regardless of how well off they were–to travel around the world for prolonged periods. Oh, and the stories that they told and the experienced that they shared would keep me up wondering at nights.”

A year or so later, Boyang quit his job and set off on his own extended travel, leaving Minneapolis in early 2015 and finding himself in country after country. 

Here would be his route:

And here’s a taste of his destinations:

Find out where these places are in the following weeks, as we feature Boyang’s work from particular stops on his 14-month travel. First up, an island nation called Japan.


“Never go through life without going on picnics and eating cakes.” -Boyang

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