New Year, New Video: Portraits Of Tanzanian Villagers (And How They Reacted To Photography)

Happy New Year!

Two-and-a-half years ago, while working at the school in the village of Magulilwa, Tanzania, a few townspeople warmed to the idea of having their picture taken. A couple of weeks later, I handed them their photographs.

Now all of the villagers wanted one.

Before I knew it, I became the village photographer, an experience that connected me their lives, that taught me the value in bringing joy to others, and revealed the meaning of gratitude for something as simple as a photograph.

To start off 2017, I’m releasing a video that reveals this experience to you, showing the villagers posing, laughing at the results, and generating a buzz when photography is brought into their lives.

I release this video not just as a preview and kick-off to a brand new year, but as one video of many to be featured in my upcoming multimedia book about my time in East Africa in 2014.

Enjoy your New Year’s Day and each day of 2017.


What say you?