Ayla Travels The World, Part 14: A Day In The Bahamas

Ayla said goodbye to the US and hello to country #9 on her three-month, three-continent journey.

“Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya
Bermuda, Bahamas, come on pretty mama.”

Ayla spent only one day in this Caribbean country, but it was a picture-filled day with a story about meeting some fisherman who hauled in a lunker, and the police who were called…


I’m in the Bahamas, people!!! Country #9!

I only stayed one day because of money and safety. Backpackers: stay away from Bahamas, like far far far far away! It’s sooo expensive!

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Bahama ferry

When I got on the ferry to Bahamas, I hadn’t eaten since the day before and the cafe at the ferry station in Freeport was of course closed. The cabdriver informed me there was no food close by, and looking concerned, asked if I wanted to stop and get some fast food. The most expensive fast food I ever had! I could afford three chicken nuggets! That’s it!

The hotel and the area surrounding it was beautiful! I spent my day in paradise swimming and walking around.

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On my walk a police car drove towards me, stopped, and reversed back to me. An officer rolled down his window and looked curious at me.

“Do you need help?”

“Eeem, no”

“What are you doing?”

“Taking a walk?”


“Eeem, yes, isn’t that a normal thing to do?”

“Yes, but you’re a young girl walking alone. Did you just arrive?”

“I’m okay. Yes I did. I heard there was a market in the area. Do you know where it is?”

Basically they told me it was very far away, and asked if I needed a lift. In the most polite manner my English vocabulary would allow, I explained that I would never get into the back of a car of two strangers in a foreign country.

cop car driving away
cop car driving away

The sun was setting and I walked back to the hotel from a magical place I found by the sea.

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The hotel had a dock, so I thought I’d go and make some friends. I met these four guys from Florida. First of all, they were super awesome and super nice. Then after talking to them for a while, they invited me along to get some of their massive fish prepared at a restaurant.

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Keep in mind I had only had three chicken nuggets the last almost two days. This was one of the best meals I had on my trip, and I had a great time! –until the police came because of a misunderstanding in the restaurant…

They suddenly didn’t take our cards. So the restaurant ended up calling the police. The funny part: it was the same police officers stopping me that morning! They where just like, so you managed to get some food, but you also managed to get in trouble! I just laughed and told them that I was a backpacker, and had been traveling alone for quite some time now. Their main concern was what kind of parents let their kid do something like this?!? Don’t think they believed I was 20, even though I showed them ID as a witness to all the commotion going on!

They took my visa card while me and John had to go get cash. His card didn’t get accepted, so I just got the money on my master card and they just paid me back on paypal. It all turned out okay. I think everyone was just super-confused, and we thought the restaurant was trying to rip us off, and the restaurant thought we tried to rip them off.

I just ended up laughing and chatting to the policewoman who I met earlier that morning. I seem to not have the ability to take things like this seriously. A math test, sure, I’m super serious. But let a police question me, and I just end up laughing, thinking this will be a great story.

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I had a great time in Bahamas, met some amazing people and spent a day in paradise! Not a place I would recommend for backpackers, but that’s only because of the insanity of the prices! (I do think it would be a good place for ghosthousing for all you backpackers! A lot of empty, but safe houses.) I’ll go back one day when I become rich! Oh, problem, I’m never going to get rich… Oh, well, I’ll just go to Florida and go fishing with my favorite Floridian fishermen!

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Enjoy my Bahamas video:

Next up (and last country on my tour): Cuba!


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