Ayla Travels The World, Part 12: Road Trip To Florida With Dad

First it was Italy with her mother. Now Ayla road trips the US with her father.IMG_20160402_222118

There was plenty to take in on the way to Florida. There was plenty to take in while in Florida.

Alligators, flying ads, the beach, and funny American place names. It’s Minnesota to Florida through the eyes of our traveling Norwegian!


You need a special kind of dad to do something like this. You need the funny, crazy, and fun type. My dad meets all the criteria to be a perfect travel companion. The trip down to Florida was proof of that.

In Wisconsin, we explored a city called Whitewater.

guest post ayla trek146
Most of these beautiful houses are actually sororities.
guest post ayla trek147
We saw a coyote!!

Route 66!

guest post ayla trek166

In central Illinois, Dad found his idea of heaven!

guest post ayla trek148

guest post ayla trek149

We didn’t make it to Florida in one day. Too far! It took us three. We stayed one night in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

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Dad is really funny and know so much! Just like with my mom, it’s the conversations I appreciate the most. Just to talk, get advice and hear stories.

The next day, we set out for Florida. But before we get there, we first have to talk about the creativity of American place names.

guest post ayla trek150

We have been in the cities of Normal, Clem, Norway, and Lebanon. We have been driving Friendship Road, 2 Hour Road, and Pleasantdale Road. We have also passed Hat Creek. The US is also really good at recycling. We have been in two Nashvilles and two Lebanons!

Here’s some video on the way to Florida:

Video  https://youtu.be/VDPruL6Q4zA?t=2m7s

We made it to Florida!

guest post ayla trek151
We’re staying with David and Melva in Orlando.

It was great to be back in Florida. So many childhood memories! We went to David and Melva’s, a house a spent a lot of time at as a child. It’s been so long since I was there last! Way to long! So good to catch up with them. Our last days was spent at Kenneth and Kirsten’s. Kenneth is my cousin that recently moved to Florida. So fun to get to know him and his family better!

The first thing we did in Florida? Went to a car show in Old Town, Orlando:

guest post ayla trek152

guest post ayla trek153

Here are some more highlights of Florida with Dad:

This is way different than the Walmart I went to in North Dakota!
This is way different than the Walmart I went to in North Dakota!

Holmes Beach:

guest post ayla trek156

I think this is my first time swimming in the ocean in 7 years!

guest post ayla trek155

We went to another body of water…in search of reptiles!

guest post ayla trek159

Alligator Alley, one of my favorites! We saw 57 this time! (Our record is 86.)

guest post ayla trek158

Later we spotted another reptile. This one needed rescuing.

guest post ayla trek164
Some guy got it on the hook and had to take it up. It turned out to be a good thing for the sick turtle. Coastguard came and got it, now it’s safe in turtle hospital.

We checked out some birds, too:

guest post ayla trek160

“Hey folks! My name is Whitebird. This is my favorite spot, the water is so clear and it’s a nice place to steal fish from fishing humans! Oh, that’s a good one! Excuse me!”

guest post ayla trek161

Speaking of flying, I saw ads taken to a whole other level in the US:

guest post ayla trek162
More flying.

guest post ayla trek163
Cousin Kenneth’s helicopter!

Finally, it was time to say goodbye to the best storyteller and history buff a daughter could ever know.

Goodbye Papa!
Goodbye Pappa!

Next time, I share about traveling Florida on my own. I ran into some interesting characters.


Ayla is a 20-year-old Norwegian who loves to learn new things and study new cultures. She’s Christian, and in her more normal life (when not eating donkey sandwiches in China and taking trains across Italy), she does dancing and karate. For any questions for Ayla or about travels, please comment below. 

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