My Tour Of The Southern U.S. Begins Friday

It’s happening, ya’ll. On Friday I leave for a two-week road trip through the American South and Appalachia.

I already know what you’re asking, and the answers are: because I’ve never been to these places and the culture is unique to my own. Thus, I’ve got a lot to learn about the people and life there, and I get to share it all with you.

I’ll get those chances to learn, too, because I’m staying with friends or hosts at these five stops:

  • Tulsa, OK
  • Hot Springs, AR
  • Memphis, TN
  • Cleveland, TN (The Great Smokey Mountains)
  • Charleston, WV
Map Southern Summer Road Trip 2016
Starting in Minneapolis and going counter-clockwise

And within these stops are plans to sit down with the locals, to visit their homes over a meal and hear what they have to say about what’s important to them, about what they think the rest of America should know about their parts of the country, and about how they feel about America and the world today.

Then in between these stops, I’m going to explore the countryside and small towns. I plan to visit the world’s only public diamond mine (I gotta fund this trip somehow!) And I plan to hike the Great Smokey Mountains bordering Tennessee and North Carolina.

I plan to breath in the South on this trek I call the Southern Experience, and I’ll be tweeting, blogging right here, and updating my experiences and interactions on Facebook every step of the way–which will likely include some places visited and experiences had on a whim.

Please join me. And feel free to offer suggestions of places I should check out or questions I should ask my new southern friends.

I’ll offer my first post on this blog in about a week’s time.


3 Responses

  1. Kay

    If you are going to Smokey Mountain’s, you can hike part’s of the Appalachian Trail or venture down a little further in GA and hit the southern terminus of the trail (give you bragging rights). Or drive part of the Blue Ridge Parkway if you are not that adventurous. Avoid Atlanta like the plague, unless you like sitting in endless rush hour traffic. When you return, you will understand why I laugh when my new friends in ND talk about the humidity! Have fun, and eat grits!


    I made a stop at Shiloh, Tennessee (about 100 miles east of Memphis) to tour the Battlefield. For Civil War history buffs, it is a must see. Lots of monuments like Gettysburg. A good little museum and a 45 minute video of the battle at the visitor’s center. Also some pre-Columbian Indian mounds on the bluff above the Tennessee River. And it is FREE. Just maybe plan for a different time than mid July. Heat index was well above 100, which limited outdoor activities to ‘looking for shade’.

What say you?