Ayla Travels The World, Part 1: Departure From Norway To Italy

On January 28, Norwegian Ayla Vinje Fagerland set off on a three-month worldwide travel taking her to nine countries on four continents. When Europeans travel, they don’t mess around.

IMG_20160402_222118And they start young. Ayla was only 19 when she began. Perhaps for this reason, her mom accompanied her to the first country on the tour. (Or maybe her mom just wanted the excuse to travel Italy.)

This will be the first of several posts chronicling Ayla’s journey. (And if all this is sounding familiar, it’s because two months ago we first published an excerpt from Ayla’s trip.)

Through word, photo, and a series of videos she is creating, Ayla now begins to share her entire journey. She does so today by introducing herself, her trip, and then taking us to Italy…

The Departure

I kind of grew up traveling. Mostly to the US, but also because of the karate club I belonged to. I always got this restless feeling when I was in Norway for too long. So my parents weren’t surprised when I told them about this trip at all.

I guess it all started because I was too young to apply to the school I wanted to go to. So I decided to do something crazy in my “unvoluntary gap year.” I had wanted to do an organized tour with a company but ended up just wanting to do it alone.

My friends, colleagues, and family thought I was kind of crazy, but mom and dad and my closest friends weren’t worried at all. I wasn’t really scared at all to be honest, just exited. The only thing was leaving my boyfriend. That was tough. He actually had to convince me to do it at one point! I’m glad he did!

Packing was absolutely crazy. I had absolutely no idea what to pack for every environment this world has to offer! My whole room was filled with clothes and stuff!

Guest post Ayla trek

Here were all the places I’d be going:

1. Italy with my mom

guest post ayla trek1

guest post Ayla trek14

2. Malta

guest post Ayla trek2

3. Egypt, where I stayed with my father’s friend

guest post Ayla trek3

4. Tanzania, where I helped (well, at least tried not to break anything) out at a local school

Guest post Ayla

5. China

guest post Ayla trek6

6. South Korea

guest post Ayla trek7

7. USA, spending at least four weeks here, traveling and meeting up with all my friends and relatives!

guest post Ayla trek16

guest post Ayla trek17

8. Bahamas

guest post Ayla trek10

9. Cuba was my last stop!

guest post Ayla trek11

So on January 28, my mom and I set off from Karmøy, Norway to Napoli, Italy. (Maybe you call it Naples in English? Whatever. The city. In Italy. Like the scary one with amazing pizza! I’ll explain the “scary” later.)

When we arrived, we got into the cab that we had ordered (I learned to always always always book transfer from the airport), and it took us to our stunning hotel. )

We had arrived!

guest post Ayla trek13

And then we set out to explore Italy…

guest post Ayla trek15

Next week, Ayla shows us Italy.

Until then, please enjoy Ayla’s video #1–a video preview of her entire trip:


Ayla is a 20-year-old Norwegian who loves to learn new things and study new cultures. She’s Christian, and in her more normal life (when not eating donkey sandwiches in China and taking trains across Italy), she does dancing and karate. For any questions for Ayla or about travels, please comment below. 

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