For Father’s Day: Photos Of Fatherhood Around The World

In May we looked at mothers. Now we look at the other side of the coin, the yang to the yin, the rock to the water. The world seems a series of dichotomous complements, and now on Father’s Day we look at the other half of the greatest pairing of all. 

As evident in the photos and from all our experience, we know that fatherhood does something to a man. Perhaps is reveals his softer side. Perhaps it tames him. Maybe it’s about self-actualization and it helps a man truly become more. Whatever it is for each man, a good father then turns around and gives that to his children–whether in the US, China, Tanzania, or wherever…

Fatherhood Around the World




Me with father in Minnesota – right; me with his sons in Uganda -left



While sightseeing in southwestern Tanzania, I encountered this fisherman and son.


Met these two in Tanzania, but the father is actually from Malawi and the mother is Austrian.


Fathers day8


buying tickets
Beltrami County Fair
fathers day
Jewel Cave, South Dakota

fathers day2 fathers day3

fathers day4

IMG_20160613_163908_01 (1)

A couple of 90s throwbacks:

13493310_10209806760475842_247980000_o fathers day1 (1)

And a before and after of Emily and her father:

Fathers day5 Fathers Day6

Then a couple of daddies playing with their daughters outside:

fathers day7 IMG_20160609_121136

Finally, me and my father:


To all fathers near and far,

Happy Father’s Day!

What say you?