Marking Mother’s Day: Photos Of Motherhood From Around The World

Motherhood is as ubiquitous to human life as is its meaning and impact impossible to overstate.

Maybe that’s why it’s as easy to take our mothers and motherhood for granted as it is to express endlessly to them and upon it. Today, I’ll let some pictures do the talking.

Following up last week’s post showing photos of Workers Around the World in recognition of International Worker’s Day, here I offer you pictures of moms I’ve been privy to through my travels and a couple provided from readers.


Motherhood Around the World


Cam135 Cam91


DSC07297 (1) DSC07663

Mother sits back with baby while daughter performs song for money from tourists


Halloween, San die Springs 033small guests and host

Mother and Minny

naked baby

Halloween, San die Springs 022small

7-12-11 Ruyang, Train to Hubei, Wudang Shan 067small

Girl talk
Matriarchal great-grandmother of this farmstead, standing in front in light-blue top holding the shoulder of her daughter


Another slice of life in Beijing.

Chinese kids

7-5-11 Beijing On the Way, First Two Days 020 small

But who needs words with a baby in arms. Awwww.

Hold on to that baby for dear life. But who knows? Maybe it’s a watermelon or something.


100_3281 (3)



Generations 1 and 5
Guest post Teresa1
Twin Cities single mom with 12 kids in the 1950s


DSC08791 (1)


mom and I
Mom and me about five years ago


DSC00197  IR EA romance (1)

DSC03346 (1)DSC04891 Who wants to go to the river? "We do!"

DSC03007 DSC01837 DSC01806


Mom and son; the mom was here as a caretaker of the property.



To all mothers near and far,

Happy Mother’s Day!

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