Ever Been To Chicago? Photos And Footage From My Weekend There

Over March 24-27, I drove down to Chicago and soaked in this magnificent city. 

First was some unexpected nature shots. Ice storm in Wisconsin the day before + crawling freeway traffic = an opportunity to take these pictures out the window:





…and I took this trip to enjoy city living!

Later this night, I got to Chicago. Museums, parks, music, and more. In photos and videos, here’s a hodgepodge of what this city offered me in just a few days.

City-scapes and views of Lake Michigan:


Observatory from the John Hancock Center.
Observatory from the John Hancock Center.



Now let’s get down there and check it all out.

An incredible church
An incredible church

Business and finance:



Museums and parks:


The famous Bean of Millennium Park
The famous Bean of Millennium Park

Then I toured the museums:


The Chicago Cultural Center exhibited Theo Jansen’s “Strandbeests.” Incredible works of artistic engineering that attendees were allowed to test drive:

How about another video of artistic exhibition? Outside were these guys:

Chicago neighborhoods–Chinatown:


I was born the year of the Rooster
I was born the Year of the Rooster.
Trendy Wicker Park
Trendy Wicker Park

In Old Town neighborhood I checked out a Second City performance:

The Second City, where everyone from Bill Murray to Chris Farley to Tine Fey got their start.

Speaking of actors:

Outside the Disney store

And speaking of Fairy Tales…

My hotel. I suggest using Hotwire.com for your lodging.
My hotel. I suggest using Hotwire.com for your lodging arrangements.

My final night in Chicago, I went to see one of the best underground acts in town. In fact, they were at the Underground Wonder Bar:

And for my final morning, I went back to that incredible church mentioned above. It was Easter morning.

Line to get in
Line to get in

It was well worth the wait.

The Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago formed in February, 1871


Those pipes blared soul-stirring chords while the chorus echoed out with their own pipes. Meanwhile, a brass band shone overhead in another balcony. What a service! And I was pleasantly surprised they sang the very same Easter hymns I did growing up in my Lutheran church in Blackduck, MN.

But I wasn’t in Blackduck anymore…



Nope, it was Chicago.

This service re-energized me for the long ride home following this rich, cultured weekend in this wonderful city.

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