Snow Ghosts In A World Above The Clouds: A Spiritual Experience Skiing In Montana

Giselle Mejia is a dance instructor and performer in the Twin Cities. She’s also an avid traveler and writer. In this passage, Giselle shares her recent experience skiing in Montana. Taken from her journal, she expresses what it was like to be up there in the quiet stillness of the stunning, white mountains. 

Giselle in Montana


March 8th, 2016

I feel fortunate to see the world above the clouds and to be friends with the “snow ghosts,” named for their resemblance as snow covered beings among the trees.

A little snow ghost between the pines

There was a light snowfall throughout the day, which added to the mystery of the ever-changing conditions of weather.

When I spend time out in nature I feel close to spirit. With the ever-morphing day glow, I feel one with the sun as it warms and cools, the clouds as they cover and become sparse, the snowflakes as they fall and circle, and the trees as they move with the gusting wind. Life unfolds before me like a blossoming flower. Life is blissful. I must remember that even when there are dull times, life exists in this open and serene vista. Up above the clouds, there is movement, where time will continue to pass and nature will stay neutral.


Skiing has a spiritual element that brings clarity to the mind-body. The constant sound of wind rushing past the ears, the gliding movement of the equipment, and the rocking of the weight back and forth all allow peace to settle in the bones and the mind to take in the ambiance of the total landscape. At any part of the mountain, I would stop and listen to the silence. Being at such altitude is a great place to find perspective on life and love.

Why are we here? To bring each other peace. Where does peace come from? From our hearts. To whom do we listen? The sound of nature and the internal god that is both personal and collective. What is our purpose? To enjoy the planet earth and take care of it. To enjoy each other and take care of one another. To enjoy yourself and take care of yourself.

My questions subside and I am left alone, in accordance with the unity of the atmosphere. The smell of the trees is enough to know God. The silence of the top of the mountain is enough to know God. The glimmering sun between the clouds, reaching its rays down on the lakes thousands of feet below, is enough to know God. God is all around us and within us. God is love.

In traveling with three young men with Down syndrome, I have become closer to understanding these angels on earth. They have taught me that life is patience, love is kind, time will pass, and there is really not much to get upset about, just go with the flow. All three of these young gentlemen have taught their families these truths as well. These people are pure blessings in our world. They were put here to help balance greed and power.

My thoughts of life, if I could count them, would be as many, and as enchanting, as the hundreds of thousands of snowflakes that fell on my face today. To allow the snow to fall past me, and the thoughts to slip away without grasping, was a meditation that plunged me into pleasure. I felt as if I was diving into a green sea and the thoughts would arise and vanish like bubbles of oxygen… They keep me aware of being alive, yet I cannot keep them.

Thoughts are beautiful and my imagination is vivid. My mind remains young and in a state of appreciation. God bless our Earth and God bless our Love.

What say you?