What Will Adversity Turn You Into?

These days we’re seeing all sorts of popular movements responding to the problems in our country: presidential campaigns, Black Lives Matter. Sometimes they inspire solutions; sometimes they motivate vandalism and violence. 

I wrote in the Star Tribune in February about groups in Minneapolis solving the problems of inner-city struggle. Today, the website Transformation is Real published my story asking how do we respond to the problems in our lives–with fear or with solutions?

Below is an excerpt and then a link to the story.


On March 19 in a stadium in Arizona, a pair of protesters disrupted a political rally. One was wearing a KKK hood. A black attendee became so upset with these protesters, that as they walked by him, he attacked the other of the pair with vicious punches and kicks.

This, of course, has been just the latest in series of clashes at such rallies.

And this political season, of course, is just the latest in a series of popular movements transforming its members into violent actors.

Following the recession of 2008, US big banks got their bailout. America wasn’t happy about that. The Right reacted first: The Tea Party. They protested with Gadsden flags and guns on their hips. In 2014, Tea-Party-types would use those firearms in a standoff in Nevada with federal officials, and two members of this standoff would later murder two Las Vegas police officers.

The Left’s response followed closely behind with the Occupy Movement, shutting down buildings, blocks, and streets and physical clashes with law enforcement.

Black Lives Matter was the next powder keg to explode, inspiring riots in Ferguson and Baltimore and motivating the murders of police officers as well.

Lately, we’re seeing and hearing the dramatic reactions on college campuses and a new era of those sensitive to non-political correctness.

And then, we have this activity surrounding the presidential race…

Enjoy the entire piece at Transformation is Real.

What say you?