Packaging Meals For Hungry People Around The World

On Monday I documented (and helped) students from my school as they volunteered a shift packaging meals for the organization Feed My Starving Children.


The nonprofit uses donations to send small, nutrient-rich meal packets to places in the world short on food.

Deserving of a longer story, I’ll just offer a few interesting points right now.

#1. In two hours, our group of 70 or so packaged over 36,000 meals, which will feed about 100 children for a year.

#2. The packets are made of four main ingredients: rice, soy, dry vegetable blend, and a vitamin powder.

#3. The meals go all over the world. Ours will be going to Malawi, Africa February 16.

#4. Feed My Starving Children sends out many millions of meals a year. But according to the workers I spoke to, it doesn’t solve the problem of world hunger. “Not even close,” said one woman (below with the palates of our boxed meals), who added that over 6,000 people a day die from lack of nutrition.


#5. Some countries don’t allow these meals to enter. Feed My Starving Children has tried to get into Kenya, but they have a no-GMO policy. (They don’t allow genetically modified foods.) And India doesn’t allow rice from other countries. Interestingly, these meals have been sent to more isolated nations like Burma and North Korea.

An organization like this touches on many fascinating topics: development, agriculture, and foreign policy. But the biggest takeaway for me is: charity. It’s simply in the spirit of humanity to give and to help our fellows, and I believe that just like these meals will nurture bodies around the world, so is this spirit of giving being nurtured everyday by organizations like Feed My Starving Children.

To learn more about this organization, about world hunger, and to inquire about volunteering or donating, please call 763.504.2919 or email or visit

What say you?