In 2016 I Want To Feature Your Travel Story

Hanging with some monks in Cambodia
Hanging with some monks in Cambodia

I met one woman from Duluth who now lives in Ecuador.

I met a husband and wife in Fargo whose work had taken them throughout the Middle East and Africa.

I met a man from Brainerd who recently took his children to Iceland.

And an old friend from Pennington was once hosted by a wealthy Chilean down in the Andes.

These are just the ones off the top of my head…

From my book tour and blog, I’ve met scores of fellow travelers in the upper Midwest, and I’ve read emails and comments from even more around the world. With them, I’ve loved sharing my stories from far away places such as China, Southeast Asia, and East Africa, and I’ve loved sharing the stories of the people inhabiting these different worlds. (And I will continue to do so as I find new opportunities to travel.)

But I’ve also loved hearing the stories of these other travelers.

Just like travel helps me to see aspects of humanity in a whole new light. So does hearing others’ perspectives and experiences from their travels offer a unique angle on the world.

So this year I’m inviting you to submit your travel story to feature on The Periphery. This blog is syndicated on about 15 different newspaper websites across the upper Midwest–Fargo, Duluth, Brainerd, and more.

Whether your travel story is domestic or international, whether volunteer work or more “touristy” activities, whether a story about wildlife, cuisine, or an intimate cultural experience, I’m not too picky as long as it’s interesting. (And when we travel, even the everyday things are interesting.)

So please let me know if you’d like to share your experience–with me, with my email list, with your friends and family, and with the readers from cities all over the upper Midwest.

If you need/want help with the writing or proofreading of the story, I’m here to help. Email me at


In the spirit of sharing stories and meeting fellow travelers and travel lovers, I’d like to recognize that two years ago this week, I held my book release party events in Minneapolis and Bemidji.

IMG_0033small IMG_0040small

I had completed my book Life Learned Abroad: Lessons on Humanity from China, and I was thrilled to debut it in front of my family, friends, and readers who supported and shaped the material from this very blog that would become this book.

Friends receiving their copy
From the fish markets to the school yards of China, from a protest in the city to martial arts training in the mountains, I shared excerpts to the audience.

As a gesture of reader-appreciation, a thank you to my supporters, and a celebration of a first book, I’ve reduced the price of Life Learned Abroad: Lessons on Humanity from China to $15 for this week only. And starting tomorrow, I’m reducing the cost of the eBook version (featuring color photos and links to footage from my travels) to $2.99. This sale will also last for one week.


I hope to hear from many of you interested in sharing your adventures while on the road (or boat or plane or foot or bike or rickshaw…) If you don’t have a story to share, please share my request for stories with those you think may. The many folks across our region are always up for hearing a great travel story.

And, hey, if you need some inspiration for storytelling–and the lessons learned as a result of travel–feel free to pick up a copy of my book.


What say you?