Monkeys, Crocodiles, River Ride, And Other Videos From Cambodia

As a bonus to the Cambodia stories offered the last several weeks, I thought I’d cap it all off with some videos.

They are all related to nature.

This first is a short clip of visiting the crocodile farm in Battambang and seeing the largest of them being fed:


From reptiles, we’ll go to the friendly monkeys at the ancient Khmer temples in northern Cambodia:


Staying at the temples, this video puts together a few slow-moving clips reflective of the topic it captured: the way nature has retaken many of the structures.


Finally, I took a day-long boat ride along the river from Siem Reap to the city of Battambang. Here is footage of the nature and lives along the banks of the river:


Seen here in video, as was seen in photo previous weeks, is all this unique life on the other side of our planet.

Thanks for coming along.

Next Sunday, I’ll begin a new series of travel posts.


What say you?