Thailand Video Wrap-up

For a nine-and-a-half-minute wrap-up of our three weeks in Thailand, see below.

After returning from our trip, for which I was a chaperon and documentarian of the middle schoolers who participated, I compiled all the footage taken, picked out the best, and then spliced, captioned, and soundtracked the pieces into this montage showing off the trip’s impact on the students.

From national park to village, from wildlife to human life, from Buddhist temple to US consulate, and from our school in St. Paul to our sister school in the rural hill country of Thailand, this video offers a bit of everything.

In the Sundays following, I’ll be presenting looks back and updates of travels past–China, East Africa, etc.–for now, enjoy this footage looking back on my most recent excursion–and what it meant to the 37 adolescents who also attended.

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