My China Book Revised, Re-released…and Free This Sunday

About a year ago, I finished a book about my travels and insights while living in China in 2010-2011.

Book Cover Business Card

I held two book release events in Bemidji and Minneapolis. (I almost had to cancel the Minneapolis one, because as you recall, last winter was brutal.) But people came out on this below-zero January afternoon, and we had a wonderful time as I introduced the book.

Book release party

It was crucial that I got my book released by January, because a couple of weeks later I left for Africa.

While there, I read my book in the quiet, off-the-grid village that I called home for eight months. Doing so, I realized some ways I wanted to improve the book. So throughout the year, I tinkered and fiddled and improved.

Today, I announce the revised edition of Life Learned Abroad: Lessons on Humanity from China.

It’s tighter, sharper, and just a more fun and interesting 400 pages of pictures and stories about a life in China…

-about my experiences in and around the country: visiting a factory, emceeing a Chinese New Year celebration, practicing martial arts in a mountaintop temple, and more…

-about the topics addressed along the way: charity, education, economic development, law enforcement, romance, and others…

It is available on Amazon.

There’s also the e-version. And this comes with three cool features: color photos–if reading it on a color screen, links to supplemental videos helping the contextual material come to life, and opportunities for discussion by way of links taking you to forums. You can see it hereThe eBook is free when purchasing the hard copy. It’s also free if you’re a member of Amazon Prime.

Finally, this Sunday, March 1, I’m offering a promotion: for 24 hours, the eBook will be FREE for anyone to download. Simple go to Amazon, download the file, and enjoy.

I hope all of you with a Kindle or the Kindle App on your computer, tablet, or smartphone will take advantage of the promotion. I hope those of you interested in stories and lessons about China, travel, and life will take look at this work. I enjoy being able to share my stories with you here on this blog each week. It’d be an honor to have you enjoy my book inspired by these articles.

And if you have questions about the book, how to buy/read the eBook, or anything else, email me at or comment below.

What say you?