The Results Are In And These Are The Pictures I Submitted To The National Geographic Photo Contest

125 votes may not be enough to decide the president, but it’s good enough to help me decide which pictures to submit to the annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.

Based on readers’ suggestions on last week’s blog‘s comments and also on my Facebook profile–results charted below–I decided to splurge and send in three entries. (If I don’t win, I’ll just chalk it up as a donation to Nat Geo. Not a bad cause–and perhaps a tax write-off.)

So which ones did I pick?

Well, one was the overall #1 vote-getter.

With 26 total votes, and finishing strong on both Facebook (top vote-getter) and my blog (second place) with people indicating it as their (or one of their) favorite, we have…..

Boy on Side of Corn Truck

Here’s what I wrote about this photo for the contest: “In my village, Magulilwa, Tanzania, corn harvest was in full swing. Here, a boy hangs on the side of a truck bed filled to the top.”


Next, I went with the most popular portrait. And here the voting started to get a little more interesting. Much more popular with the Facebook crowd, I submitted what I called…

Stately Tanzanian Woman

“In my village, people are normally quite camera shy, but after I delivered a hard copy to one man who wanted his photograph taken, others got on board–including this stately senior woman.”


Finally, I chose a wildcard. One of my favorites and one that was much more popular with the website voters, we have…

Young Tanzanian Boy Kicking Back

“Walking along my village, this little man stopped me in my tracks. He just sat there holding his drink in a way that looks almost like a hobo. But he also held my eye contact, and I got the feeling there was something deeper going on behind his young gaze.”


You can check out these entries on the Photo Contest site and see the other submissions while you’re at it.

And I want to thank you again for your feedback on these pictures. I was thrilled to see the response and to be able to share my journey through Tanzania via these pictures.

Oh, and don’t worry. I’ll let you know if I win.


Now lets get heady and analytical.

In this age of Big Data, I thought I’d take the time to aggregate the votes and chart them for a visual aid indicating voting patterns for each photo and method for voting. As stated above, there were some discrepancies, and one can theorize a million reasons why: the kinds of people who prefer Facebook over blog commenting, the demographic of my Facebook friends, or the even the way Facebook has you comment after you see other comments.

Or maybe you just want to know how many others voted like you. Or you want to know how the other photos did. OR you want to see which picture was the only one to not get a single vote.  🙁

Whatever your fancy, here you go:

Got any ideas on why you think so many blog commentors and so few Facebookers voted for #1? Any other thoughts?

Thanks again.


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