I’m Searching For Someone To Come Teach In Tanzania: Know Anyone?

As many of you know, I come home to Minnesota in August–August 2nd to be exact.

What many of you probably hadn’t thought is that once I leave, there’ll be a void (opportunity) here at the school.

Finally, even fewer of you have likely given serious thought to having yourself (or someone you know) making a life-changing move to East Africa.

But that’s exactly what this post is about.

I’m searching for someone to come to my village school (pictured above) in Tanzania to continue the computer program.

The program is new with the first hands-on computer classes starting in February of this year. The adolescent students have come a long ways over these few months as many hadn’t used a computer before. Because of this, we started–and have continued along–with the basics of computer use and word processing (pictured below).

The person who comes to take over does not have to be an computer whiz. I’m not. You just need to have a solid know how of Windows computers and then communicate that knowledge to the students.

More crucial, the person should take ownership and be creative to move the program forward. (For example, I discovered and helped implement a new education software. And I started the email pen pal program between students here and peers in Minnesota.)

And remember this is rural Tanzania, so the right person will also be open to new experiences, curious about new cultures, and embody a spirit of adventure/service.

Mama Diana preparing food for teachers

Village children getting water

Hilltop a few miles from the school

It is a volunteer position that offers room and board as well as a monthly stipend for spending money.

If you know anyone (or are such a person!) or know of a resource I could tap into to find someone, please let me know by emailing me at brandon@theperiphery.com

I hope you’re well this fine June day.

from Tanzania,


What say you?