Flat Stanley In Tanzania

A month after I got to Africa, I received my first letter from home. It was from my seven-year-old nephew, Robert.

He wrote in large, thick penciled letters asking how I was and then describing a project his class was doing.

“My class read a book about ‘Flat Stanley,'” he wrote.

Flat Stanley took many adventures around the world, and his teacher asked Robert and his fellow students to send their own Flat Stanleys on an adventure.

“I chose you,” wrote Robert.

More than just a letter, I also received a friend: a laminated, paper cut-out Flat Stanley! It was a good thing, too. Because I was getting lonely way out here in Tanzania. All I had to do was take pictures of our adventures together.

No problem, Robert!

Here are the places we’ve gone and things we’ve done.


Most of the our time in Tanzania has been spent on the project I came out here to do: start a computer program at a secondary school in the village, Magulilwa.

Flat Stanley helps me teach.

Sometimes, though, Flat Stanley likes to joke around in class. And when he does, he makes the students laugh.

He told a funny knock-knock joke: )

Teaching computers is how I make a living here in Tanzania.

“Hey, Flat Stanley! Give me back my money.”

“Haha! I’m rich!”

When we’re not teaching computer class, sometimes Flat Stanley and I go for a walk in the countryside. One day we found a beautiful river with rapids, palm trees, and big rocks!

“Hey, I wonder if there are fish in the water!” said Flat Stanley.

We also climbed a nearly hill. It was windy up there.

“Hold on tight!” Flat Stanley said to my guide. “My legs are going to blow off!”

Other times, Flat Stanley and I go on such far away adventures that we need to take a bus.

“I want to drive,” said Flat Stanley.

“You can’t drive,” I said. “But the driver can hold you.”

“Hello, Mr. Bus Driver!” said Flat Stanley. “Habari Yako?” said the driver, which means “How are you?” in Swahili.

One time we went so far away, that we saw the ocean! Here we are on the beach.

“I like the beach!” said Flat Stanley. “But I need some shorts so I can swim.”

“Hmmm,” I said. “We didn’t bring any shorts. So let’s go on a boat ride!”

“Weeeeee!!” yelled Flat Stanley. He loved the boat ride.

When we’re not going on adventures or teaching, sometimes Flat Stanley and I just hang around.

“Whoa! I like hanging upside-down. But how am I staying in midair?”

“Flat Stanley, you’re in a spider web!” I yelled.

“I am?” he responded scared. “I thought I was just flying.”

“You better come down before the spider gets mad at you.”

“Okay. I will. Uhh…ummm….. Brandon?”

“Yeah, Flat Stanley?”

“I’m stuck.”

“Uh oh. That’s not your only problem,” I said.

“Why? What’s the matter?”

“The spider is coming after you!”


I helped Stanley down, but told him not to be like Curious George anymore.

Finally, on the weekends Flat Stanley and I go into town so we can enjoy a nice restaurant.

“Do you want to order spider salad?” I laughed as I asked Flat Stanley. “No way!” he said.

Then after we eat, we go to the Internet Cafe where I can work on my writing.

In fact, this is the exact place where Flat Stanley and I wrote this story of our adventures.


We hope you enjoyed it: )


-Flat Stanley and Robert’s Uncle Brandon




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