Zanzibar Sneak Peeks

It’s our school’s Easter break, so I did what most people do over a holiday–I went to Zanzibar. 


In the spirit of being away, I kept things pretty light for my blog this week. Instead of an article, I simply offer some great shots I’ve taken since coming to Zanzibar Island.

I’ll be writing a proper article on my time here down the road and next week will pick up where we left off last week.

For now, enjoy Zanzibar one shot at a time:

4 Responses

  1. Brandon, I have enjoyed reading your many blog posts and being introduced to the people of Iringa and the interesting geographic and cultural settings that you are experiencing. The white sand beach in Zanzibar looks heavenly! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Doug C

    Really look cool, and relaxing Brandon!
    Enjoyed the variety, and the colors.
    Thanks again for you writings/blog.

    A beautiful Easter day here in St Paul.
    70 degress not at 7pm!


  3. Carol

    Hi Brandon

    I have been following your African trip with a great measure of sweet envy!! Each picture reminded me of the farm where I spent my childhood in the Limpopo district in South Africa. We just did not have the ocean so close by, but yes, the red soil, the brick buildings – and those red bricks are usually made by hand- from clay- the very red soil on which you walk! And mostly women make them. Now in modern times they are baked, but when I was a child they were simply slathered onto the building by the women. Look closely at their hands, you will notice they are not manicured, but rather tough as leather!!

    Enjoy every moment. You will never know how much your presence means to them!

    Take care


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