“The Greatest Food In Human History”

Don’t shoot the messenger here. I’m just relaying what others have said. Anyway, it makes for interesting discussion.

The title of this article was the title of the piece that I base this on. And with a title like that, you just have to click. So I did, and was sent to the New York Post’s website where below the title was the subtitle, and within it stated what this “greatest food” is:


Look familiar? Perhaps you had one yesterday or over the weekend? Just as likely, you hate this food and the food chain that created it.

It’s from McDonald’s and it’s called their McDouble. And this cheap, Dollar Menu item was labeled as the “greatest food” by this article not despite its price, but because of it.

Where/how else can you get 390 calories, 23g of protein, 7% of daily fiber, 20% of daily calcium, and more for less than a bottled drink? 

The article admits it doesn’t know for a fact that this is the best bang for your buck nutritionally, but the point is still there: McDonald’s provides incredibly economical distribution of food. And in this day where all people can do is bad mouth fast food–especially McDonald’s, fast food’s poster child–it’s refreshing to see a perspective where McDonald’s capabilities are applauded.

We all know we (or someone we know) can make a better burger from home, but that’s not the point. McDonald’s success is its system. Ray Kroc and company figured out how to get a tasty meal to you conveniently and cheaply. Yeah, their fries are famously yummy, but the real engine is logistics: ingredient delivery, food prep, employee management. Some people hate seeing them everywhere, but McDonald’s is everywhere because people everywhere want access to McDonald’s food distribution apparatus.

Today, there are 14,000 McDonald’s in the U.S. and 33,000 around the world in 118 countries.

It’s easy to scoff at McDonald’s and ignore their benefit because we all grew up with it. And for that, it belongs on this site which celebrates that which usually goes unnoticed.




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