Out Of This World

Plans to send people to Mars are developing.

Last time I shared with you the best views of this planet. But if that wasn’t enough to impress you, than maybe you ought to consider these other horizons: )

Mars One, an organization founded in The Netherlands in 2010, hopes to start a colony on Mars by 2023. Vague notions of humans going to Mars have been around longer than most of us have been alive, but the road map drawn out effort, the experts on board, its apparent feasibility, and the subsequent public attention make this effort all the more tangible and exciting.

And 2023 isn’t that far away, especially when you consider that other milestones along this schedule (such as sending robots and housing pods) will start as early as 2016. Finally, and perhaps most important (and newsworthy), is that four spots currently open for the first crew of astronauts has been applied for by over 1000 people. The real kicker? It’s a one-way voyage.

More than the technological hurdles to jump over, what intrigues me is the human element–not just the fact that there are 1000 people willing to die on Mars, but what this mission will mean for us Earthlings.

The project is going to be conducted without any government or political involvement. Thus, there will be no national agendas, no exclusion based on borders. Mars One is designed to come together as a truly global effort that everyone can participate in. As such, I see big changes in how we perceive the differences among each other here on Earth as well as to the institutions that exist to maintain these separations.

(And hey, maybe this is a chance for me and Astro Bob to collaborate on a post: ) He can talk about the science. I’ll share about the effect this will have on humanity.)

See the video of the project below and stay tuned for more updates on this monumental mission.

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