Awe Candy

Sometimes we come across sights that get us to stop and appreciate what we are looking at. We call these eye candy. Then there are views that stop our movement, yet take us someplace new.

Alan Taylor at The Atlantic sifted through this year’s submissions to National Geographic’s annual photo contest and came up with 50 images worthy of our full attention. Of the 50, I grabbed 13l to show you; ones that reminded me what a beautiful planet we live on.

Enjoy the awe candy…

The thing about awe is that it can come from a variety of places in a variety of flavors. One common source is animals, different ones inspiring such drastically different reactions.

Minus the wildlife, nature provides her own forces. But for these images it’s not about the subject in the shot; the subject is the entire image.

Pan out and experience an awe that inspires wide eyes and open souls, taking in the breadth of the scene before you:

Sometimes humanity’s participation with the planet adds a whole new spice to the scene:

Sometimes our involvement is a little more up close and personal:

From Libya to Laos to Little Falls, we live in such an awe-some world.

to new plateaus,



What say you?